Oncology Massage

Happiness is a not a destination, but the journey. 
Dealing with cancer is both destination and journey. 
Medicine focuses on the quality of the destination.
Oncology massage focuses on the quality of the journey.

(Source: Society for Oncology Massage)

Every body needs to be touched.

Oncology massage is the adaptation of massage techniques to safely nurture the body of someone affected by cancer or its treatments. It is appropriate for people in active treatment, those in recovery, as well as those at the end of life.

The deeply nurturing and relaxing experience of oncology massage may become an important part of your journey. The very slow, gentle and rhythmic nature of this special massage is suitable for anyone.

Your trained oncology massage therapist will mindfully adjust time, pressure, positioning and site restrictions for your massage. She will work with your unique and changing situation at each session. Your safety and comfort is the priority.

Both short and long term effects of cancer, such as fatigue anxiety and short-term pain, nausea and depression, can be relieved with this massage.
Some clients choose oncology massage on a regular basis, to support their cancer journey.

Oncology massage is accepted and used in many leading cancer hospitals throughout the world. It is a safe massage. Easing of anxiety, fatigue and pain are commonly reported benefits.

The massage is deeply relaxing, and initiates the relaxation response within the body. This switches the body’s nervous system from fight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) to rest and heal mode (parasympathetic nervous system). This aids the digestion process, decreases heart rate and blood pressure normalises.

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