Kind Words

“Oncology massage – very beneficial. My son finds it relaxing & it destresses him allowing him to focus on “nice feelings” instead of health concerns” T G – Reynella

“What a wonderful massage. My muscles absolutely loved it…Thank you so much. Very much loved and appreciated” M C – Semaphore

“I feel that massage for oncology children would benefit the healing of children on the ward and out of the hospital” S B – Leanyer

“Sensational. You really have got the touch” D M – Brompton

“Truly amazing … I have never felt so relaxed, centred and feel as though I can deal with this hard year ahead much easier” J D – Rosewater

“a dream upset me greatly and brought back memories from an event many years earlier in my life…It was your calm and peaceful manner that made me feel safe enough to revisit my unhappy memories…[EFT, Matrix Reimprinting]…The end result was amazing. I now actually have trouble remembering this event which cause me so much unhappiness, but if I try hard, I can remember it, but there is no hurt attached, no pain connected to it. Just incredible” R M – Henley Beach

“I had a treatment from you [Access Bars] which really worked for me and helped me overcome a severe anxiety episode” J V – West Lakes

“The therapy …[Emmett Technique, Ostealign]…was amazing. When Judy came, I was in pain from my neck down and when she left I had no pain at all. I felt freer, lighter and straighter” R M – Henley Beach

“The two lymph drainage massages I had from you to date have been a very relaxing and nurturing experience. My arm feels softer afterwards, the swelling definitely reduced. I’m really grateful that you are there!” P D – Goodwood

“I’m floating” J P – Clare

“My feet feel fabulous” S L – Klemzig

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