Oncology Massage

Every body needs to be touched. Having a diagnosis of cancer or other serious illness does not count you out. The deeply nurturing and relaxing experience of oncology massage may become an important part of your journey. The very slow, gentle and rhythmic nature of this special massage is suitable for anyone from the beginning to end of life, whether currently undergoing treatment or long since finished treatment. Organic almond oil is used sparingly. Your trained therapist will mindfully adjust time, pressure and positioning of your massage. She will work with your unique and changing situation. Oncology massage is accepted and used in many leading cancer hospitals throughout the world. It is a safe massage. Easing of anxiety, fatigue and pain are commonly reported benefits


When the lymph system is compromised in any way, lymph fluid may begin to build up in the soft body tissues, often an arm or leg. Swelling and a feeling of heaviness and tightness is often experienced. It is best to seek attention sooner, rather than later, to minimise the effects. Sometimes regular lymphatic drainage massage is all the management that is necessary. Or perhaps massage and a compression garment. Other times an assessment may indicate the need for a more intensive and complex approach including bandaging, manual lymphatic drainage, compression garments, skin care, low level therapeutic laser therapy, particular exercise and attention to diet. A lymphatic drainage massage is experienced as a very light, gentle style of massage. Your trained therapist seeks to redirect lymph to a different area of the body where the lymph nodes are functioning. Easing some of the discomfort of lymphoedema encourages more normal daily activities. Learning how to do regular self lymphatic drainage may support the massage from your therapist. Sometimes the lymph system can become blocked or damaged due to injury or infection. Cancer or cancer treatment such as radiation or surgery are risk factors for lymphoedema.

Emmett Technique

Easing pain and discomfort is the aim of this unique remedial bodywork technique. The therapist uses a light touch at particular points and in particular sequences. The gentle release of muscle groups follows. Oftentimes only a few moves are needed to resolve or improve the situation. The treatment can be done on bare skin or through light clothing. Developed by Ross Emmett over the last forty years, this technique is taught in many countries throughout the world. An understanding of the body’s response to light touch is the basis of this work. Doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other body workers have learned this technique. Emmett technique can be used alone or combined with other therapies.